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UX/UI Designing

UI and UX designing are two different services which are difficult to find in a single professional. UI designers are upgraded version of graphic designer and UX designers are not only a graphic designer but also loaded with the knowledge of process to design any product for its particular user.

UX designers are capable of finding pain areas of any user during use cases of product, which helps to design / redesign any product in better way to make user journey comfortable. UX designing is not just about any creative visual design, but it’s about the complete analytical study of any product before start designing. To do this analytical study UX designer plans the plan of action very strategically for user research, to know the behaviour of user during journey to reach the goal. It also helps to understand the best scenario to create a optimized task flow.


Business analysis
Understanding user base
Understanding user goals
User Segmentation
Competitive Analysis



Stakeholders interviews

Creating personas

Understanding user needs pain point & expectations

Creating scenarios and task flow



Creating information architecture

Primary & secondary components
Organizational structure
Labeling systems
Design differentiators



Creating wireframes

UX road map
Creating prototypes

Usability testing



Understanding references

Gathering materials

Material design

Setting guideline
Visual design



Style guideline
Material & assets

Structured files

UX/UI for a Medical App Design

View below PDF of project done for App Design


UI Screen Designs for APP