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Creative Design

An experienced creative visualiser active since 1995. During my journey I kept updating myself according to the industry trends. I create beautiful creatives following principle of design to create aesthetically strong designs.

UI/UX Designing

UI / UX design professional, who can
 create storyboards, wireframes, sketches and interactive prototypes following the industry standard guidelines.I create user friendly design using latest design tools like Photoshop, Adobe XD & Sketch App etc.

Website Designing

A creative and technically inclined professional, who uses both these attributes to build / redesign websites and has ability to understand the needs to make a website functional and easy to use and aesthetically appealing.


Below are some of my recently delivered projects

Who am I ?

Hey, I’m Ranjeet Singh Kalsi, a Delhi based UI/UX Design Consultant. I started my career as a graphic designer in 1995. During my journey I kept updating myself according to the industry trends. I love solve UI & UX problems and create clean, minimalist and beautiful mobile app and website app user friendly designs, for big and small businesses, startups and tech entrepreneurs across India. I also offer my professional services on a contract project basis either remotely or on-site depending on the budget of client.


How I create beautiful user friendly Mobile and Web Apps?

1. Discover

Business analysis
Understanding user base
User segmentation
Understanding goals / objectives
Competitive analysis

2. Define

Stakeholder interviews
Creating personas
Understanding user need, pain point & expectations
Creating scenarios
Creating task flows

3. Dream

Information architecture
Main components
Organization structure
Labeling system
Search system
Design differentiators

4. Design

Creating Wireframes
UX guidelines
UX roadmap
Creating prototypes
Usability testing

5. Develop

Understanding references
Gathering material
Material design
Setting guidelines
Visual Design
Digital prototype

6. Deliver

Style guidelines
Material & assets
Structured Files

Accessibility Testing
Expert Evaluation
Specs. Assets
User Testing


It was a pleasant experience working with Mr. Ranjeet Kalsi. His professional and dedicational approach towards his work is commendable. Although, he has thorough knowledge of his work.  Despite of this, he was open to our concerns and queries and were ready to implement the suggested changes on the website as and when required. It was wonderful experience working with him. Not to forget, even after handing over the website control panel they provided us support to make us comfortable handling the website. Keep the good work!!!


CEO, Investment Locker

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Lets create something user friendly

Don’t hesitate to contact me I’m always looking for new exciting projects, just drop an email at ranjeetkalsi@hotmail.com